Is Bluey a Boy or a Girl? Plus, More FAQs About the Beloved Cartoon

Everything you need to know about the popular kids' show!

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There is a charming kids’ show on Disney Junior and Disney+ that has captivated young children and their parents alike over the past few years. Heck, even some kid-less adults admit to watching this show as a guilty pleasure! The series is Bluey, an Australian import about a family of anthropomorphic dogs. And fans have had many questions while watching the hit show, like “Is Bluey a boy or a girl?” as well as “How old is Bluey?” and so much more. We’re going to cover everything you need to know!

While the animated show is marketed to preschoolers, it has managed to harness some sort of magic-in-a-bottle as it explores the joyful imagination of childhood while infusing each seven-minute episode with laugh-out-loud parenting moments. Of course, Bluey also teaches important messages like sharing and kindness and tackles serious topics like bullying, disabilities, death and infertility.

Bluey debuted in 2018 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids network, and in just a few short years, it has launched a line of must-have toys, the touring production of Bluey’s Big Play, an album and even a podcast. The family-friendly show was nominated for a Critics Choice Award earlier this month, and Bluey even made her debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade back in November.

Even though Bluey is wildly popular, there are some questions that seem to come up over and over again about the titular main character and the show, like what Bluey is about, is Bluey a boy or a girl, and why episodes of Bluey have been censored by Disney and won’t air in the United States. Read on for all you need to know about the juggernaut children’s television series, Bluey!

What is Bluey about?

Bluey follows the adventures of an energetic Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey, who lives in Brisbane, Australia with her mum, Chilli, dad, Bandit, and little sister, Bingo. Full of boundless energy, Bluey loves to play and invent games with her little sister. According to the official series description, Bluey “loves to play and turns everyday family life into extraordinary adventures that unfold in unpredictable and hilarious ways… bringing her family—including younger sister Bingo and parents Bandit and Chilli—as well as friends and community into her world of fun and discovery.”

Is Bluey a boy or a girl?

Even though Bluey is blue, Bluey is a girl. That’s because Bluey and Bandit are Blue Heeler dogs, so she looks like her dad. Bingo and Chilli, meanwhile, are the Red Heeler breed, so their fur is cream, orange and reddish-brown. What many parents find refreshing about the series is that Bluey being a girl doesn’t play into the character’s activities at all. Rather, Bluey doesn’t comply with gender stereotypes: she plays with gender-neutral toys and just loves having fun. And that makes Bluey a relatable character to boys and girls alike!

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Who are the characters in Bluey?

In addition to the main four characters—the Heeler family—there are several supporting characters in Bluey who play along with Bluey’s games. According to the official Bluey website, some of those are Bluey’s extended family: cousins Muffin and Socks, Aunt Trixie, Uncle Stripe, Uncle Rad, Nana and Grandad. There are also the Heelers’ neighbors, Judo and Lucky, Bluey’s teacher, Calypso, and a whole lot of other friends and classmates, including Rusty, Jack, Mackenzie, Indy, Honey, Coco, Snickers, Chloe, Missy and Buddy.

How old is Bluey?

Bluey is six years old, and her little sister, Bingo, is four years old.

Where does Bluey take place?

Bluey is an Australian television show that takes place in Brisbane, Queensland. Since it is set in Australia, the show’s themes and topics primarily relate to Australian culture and lifestyle. However, the way that Bluey focuses on family, raising children and spreading messages of love, kindness, inclusivity and creativity has resonated with parents across the globe, making the series a hugely popular hit in countries outside of Australia as well.

What nationality is Bluey?

While some people think that Bluey is British, she is actually Australian. The preschool series premiered in October 2018 on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids in Australia and was later picked up by the British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC) in the United Kingdom and Disney Junior in the United States.

Does Bluey have ADHD?

No, the character Bluey does not have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. But there is another character on the show who is portrayed as being neurodivergent: In the Season 2 episode “Army,” a new student named Jack Russell arrives at school and quickly befriends Bluey’s cousin, Rusty. It is strongly implied by Jack’s restless and forgetful behavior that he has a neurological disorder, most likely ADHD.

Which character on Bluey is deaf?

In the Season 3 episode “Turtleboy,” a character named Dougie arrived at the park with his mum and it was revealed that Dougie is deafand communicates with his mother using Auslan, or Australian sign language. 

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Which episode of Bluey was banned in the United States?

There are two controversial episodes of Bluey that have been banned in the United States. The first episode is from Season 3, called “Family Meeting.” In the episode’s storyline, Chilli accuses Bandit of “fluffing” (as the Australians call farting) in Bluey’s face as he climbs out of bed. In the framework of the show’s imaginary play, Bandit is put on trial as the family tries to determine whether or not he did in fact fart in his daughter’s face, with Chilli serving as the judge and Bluey and Bingo the witnesses. According to TV Line, when the American rights for Bluey were initially acquired by Disney, that episode didn’t pass the broadcast standards and practices for Disney Junior. However, after reevaluation, “Family Meeting” was added to the lot of Bluey episodes on Disney+ available for streaming in October 2022.

The other episode, titled “Dad Baby,” is from Season 2. In that episode’s storyline, the family’s game of play is inspired when the kids find their old baby carrier and Bandit and Bingo use it so he can pretend to “give birth” to his younger daughter. Presumably, that episode’s playful discussion of childbirth did not clear Disney’s reevaluated standards and practices, because “Dad Baby” has never aired on Disney Junior nor does it appear on the list of available Disney+ episodes.

Bluey Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are streaming now on Disney+ and the series airs weekdays on Disney Junior and Disney Channel (check your local listings).

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