Here’s how Bibb County is making Amerson River Park safer

November 21, 2022
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Here's how Bibb County is making Amerson River Park safer

The Bibb County Parks and Beautification Department teamed up with the Fire Department to make Amerson River Park a safer place for recreational activities.

On Wednesday, the departments started adding markers along the Ocmulgee River

“These markers will serve as reference points for emergency responders,” said Parks and Beautification Director Michael Glisson. “We want to do whatever it takes to make sure our visitors feel safe whenever they’re going down the river.” 

A numbered marker will be placed on trees every 500 feet along the Amerson River Park side of the river. Crews will start at the kayak/canoe launch and make their way to the takeout area at the south end of the park.

There will also be a map nearby so visitors can see what the markers are being used for. There are plans to extend the signage to the Spring Street boat ramp.

“Amerson Park is a great location for family fun, with playgrounds, greenspace, trails, and the river access. There are many activities to enjoy,” said Fire Department Special Operations Officer Garin Flanders. “ Our commitment to safety and to timely responses to any incidents that happen are of major importance. These markers and maps will serve as reference points for park goers and make our responses to incidents more timely, efficient, and safe.” 

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