A car drove into a Cherokee County fire station, leaving it without power

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Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services is temporarily relocating the units from Fire Station 24 in the River Park Subdivision after a car left the roadway and struck the fire station, a transformer, and the backup generator that services the fire station during power outages.

This crash left the fire station with no primary or backup power sources.

The crash occurred at 4:42 pm. Sunday. Firefighters were inside of the station when they heard a loud explosion. When they exited the station, they found one vehicle with significant damage and an occupant still inside.

Fluid was on the ground near the car and on fire. Firefighters quickly removed the patient and began treating them until an ambulance arrived for transport.

Other firefighters on scene quickly extinguished the fire and controlled the fluid to keep it from spreading or catching fire again.

The Incident Commander at the scene requested the response of Georgia Power, Atlanta Gas Light, the hazardous materials team, and Cherokee County Property Management officials to assist.

Woodstock Police also responded to investigate the cause of the motor vehicle collision and control traffic.

In addition to the fire station, there are 24 other customers without power in the River Park subdivision. These additional outages are unrelated to the incident at Fire Station 24, according to a representative from Georgia Power and they anticipate restoring power to those customers tonight.

Due to the damage done to the transformer and secondary lines that feed the fire station, fire officials anticipate the station to be without power for about two days while repairs are made.

Units that are normally housed at this fire station are being relocated to neighboring stations and will continue to be staffed as normal to reduce any disruption in service and response to the community.

Fire Station 24 is at 1000 River Park Blvd. in Woodstock.

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