CVS takes on the ‘Pink Tax’ and ‘Menstrual Tax’ with bold women’s health moves

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In conjunction with “International Day of the Girl” on Oct. 11, CVS Health is implementing a series of bold steps related to product pricing and tax absorption on menstrual products, while providing women with more access to affordable, accessible health care services.

The new initiatives were announced today and will take effect at its Georgia stores.

The pharmacy will be reducing the prices of CVS Health store brand period products in its stores by 25 percent.

The company is also going to absorb the cost of the so-called “Menstrual Tax” on menstrual products in its stores in twelve states — including Georgia — and partnering with national organizations who are working to eliminate the menstrual tax altogether in 26 states.

CVS is also taking a stance on the “Pink Tax” by ensuring  equitable pricing for men’s and women’s comparable products, like razors and shaving cream.

Lastly, the pharmacy will begin offering new menstrual, contraception, and menopause services through MinuteClinic at CVS, including Virtual Care services in most states seven days a week for a variety of women’s health services ranging from general medical needs, from heart health and thyroid monitoring, to birth control consultations and behavioral health assessments.

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