Dunwoody residents can recycle used electronics October 2. Here’s how

DUNWOODY — Residents can register now for the City of Dunwoody’s second electronics recycling event of 2022. It will be held on Sunday, October 2, from 1 to 4 p.m. at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church at 1978 Mt. Vernon Road.

This free event is for Dunwoody residents only. They can find a link to register here: www.dunwoodyga.gov/electronics.

During the first electronics recycling event of 2022 in March, 301 residents recycled 26,315 pounds of electronics. The recycled items included 225 laptops, 138 printers, 112 desktop computers and 104 cell phones.

“We had a strong response to our electronics recycling event earlier this year, and we’re grateful that our City Council prioritizes funding for this,” said Dunwoody Community Development Director Richard McLeod. “This is a convenient way for residents to support the City’s sustainability efforts.”

Items accepted for recycling include the following: monitors, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, keyboards, mice, servers, networking gear, circuit boards, RAM & CPU, wires & cables, hard drives & memory cards (HDD, SSD, SD), digital cameras, GPS units, speakers, copiers, ink & toner, scanners, projectors, game consoles, phone systems, lab & medical equipment, point of sale systems, microwaves, DVD players, and barcode scanners.

Items that are not accepted include the following: cracked LCD TVs & monitors, broken/bare CRT TVs & monitors, light bulbs, radioactive material, hazardous waste, any liquid, paint. There will be no paper shredding at this event.

The company providing the recycling, eWaste ePlanet, provides 100% data security with zero waste to landfills. Dunwoody Community Development staff, Dunwoody’s Sustainability Committee and St. Luke’s Green Team helped organize and will assist with this event.

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