Wolf Creek Amphitheater vote scheduled for May 4

Wolf Creek Amphitheater

After months of negotiations, Fulton County Chairman Robb Pitts says Fulton County and the City of South Fulton have neared an agreement to transfer ownership of the Wolf Creek Amphitheater to the city.

“I have been working to hand over ownership of this great facility to the City of South Fulton for some time,” Pitts said. “Once the transfer is completed, this will be a venue that residents and visitors and citizens can enjoy year-round.”

The 42-acre site has hosted numerous live music concerts, plays, performances and festivals that have drawn tens of thousands of visitors for many years. It is considered a premier site in the City of South Fulton that will continue to grow as a main attraction in the area.

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners will review and vote on the proposed lease agreement at its next meeting on May 4, 2022.

“This has been a long process, but I’m pleased to say that it’s almost a done deal,” said Pitts. “The transfer will allow the City of South Fulton to grow and build on Wolf Creek’s popularity with all residents of Fulton County. With COVID-19 restrictions now lifted, I’m excited about the Amphitheater’s bright future.”

If approved by Fulton County Commissioners, the lease agreement must be approved by City of South Fulton leaders.

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