Local Heroes: Georgia 911 dispatcher saves man’s life after Apple Watch alert

February 3, 2022
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Local Heroes: Georgia 911 dispatcher saves man's life after Apple Watch alert

MORROW — A Clayton County 911 dispatcher is being hailed as a hero by the Clayton County Police Department after she helped save a man’s life in freezing weather.

According to police, a Morrow resident was having a medical emergency and fell outside his home at about 3 a.m. Jan. 23. The man’s Apple Watch detected the fall and called 911.

Dispatcher Alecia Chavous received the call and she could only hear the man breathing erratically. Chavous tried to communicate with the man, but he was unresponsive. The man’s Apple Watch only give basic GPS coordinates and she did not know his exact location.

Chavous knew the weather was below freezing and she immediately notified Morrow Fire Department and Morrow Police Department as she continued to get his precise location.

She was able to update the first responders with his location and they were able to locate him in shrubbery near his home within 12 minutes of the watch notifying 911.

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