Scam Alert: Someone is impersonating Norcross Power

NORCROSS — Officials in the city of Norcross want residents to know that an unknown entity is pretending to be Norcross Power and calling customers telling them power will be cut off if payment not received.

The call is coming from a number with the same first six digits as many City of Norcross numbers, but the last four digits are not owned by the city. The number the calls are originating from is 770-448-5083. There may be other numbers, but only this number has been reported at this time.

City officials are urging residents not to provide payment details to anyone calling from this number or other suspicious callers. The city says actions are being taken to report these unknown callers.  

Norcross Power’s 24-hour hotline is 678-421-2069. Another number for Norcross Power you might see in caller ID is 770-448-2122.

When in doubt, call Norcross Power directly at one of these confirmed numbers to find out if the call was legitimate or a scam.