Morrow police are getting new body cameras and Tasers

MORROW — Police officers in the City of Morrow will be getting new body cameras and Tasers in addition to other technology upgrades.

Under a new contract approved Tuesday night, Axon will provide Fleet 3 cameras with Automated License Plate Reader technology provided by Flock.  In addition to integrating with fixed readers already placed throughout the City, the Axon Fleet cameras will provide officers with real-time alerts of stolen vehicles, wanted persons, and other crime state and federal center notifications. Patrol cars will also be outfitted with cameras facing the prisoner compartment; and officers will receive new body-worn cameras after 2.5 years.

The City Council voted to approve a five-year contract with Axon to provide updated body cameras, in-car cameras with integrated License Plate Reader technology, upgraded Tasers, and several devices to automatically activate officers’ cameras. 

“The products will replace an aging and disjointed system that presently consists of two separate camera platforms and outdated Tasers, and move video evidence from traditional servers to a cloud-based online platform,” said Deputy Chief David Snively.

The revised contract also provides a Signal Side Arm device which attaches to each officer’s gun holster.  If an officer draws his or her firearm, every camera within thirty feet will be activated automatically.  

MPD officers will also receive the newest Taser technology, “Taser 7.”  Like the Signal Side Arm, the new Tasers also activate every camera within 30-feet when turned on.  The devices also boast an automatic shut-off, and dual cartridges that allow officers to use the Taser more accurately and from greater distances.

“This program provides cameras that will better capture police contacts from multiple angles, devices that automatically start recordings, and new Tasers that provide our officers with the best non-deadly force option available,” Morrow Police Chief Renan Lopez de Azua said. “Together these products demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the trust of our community through technology and policies focused on community safety and transparency.”

The new body cameras, Tasers, and Signal Side Arm devices are expected in January 2022; and the Fleet 3 system is expected by early summer.

“High quality public safety services is a priority of our City, and I believe that the Council’s vote on this important initiative makes that commitment to our community clear,” Mayor John Lampl said.