Georgians react to guilty verdict in Ahmaud Arbery trial

November 24, 2021
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Georgians react to guilty verdict in Ahmaud Arbery trial
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After a Glynn County jury found all three defendants in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery guilty, Georgia’s leaders were quick to respond.

From elected officials to clergy, Georgia’s leaders hailed the verdict as a victory for justice.

Below are the statements released by your representatives, elected officials, and other leaders throughout the state.

“Ahmaud Arbery was the victim of a vigilantism that has no place in Georgia. As legal efforts continue to hold accountable all who may be responsible, we hope the Arbery family, the Brunswick community, our state, and those around the nation who have been following his case can now move forward down a path of healing and reconciliation.” -Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

“I am grateful the jury has found the three men responsible for the senseless murder of Ahmaud Arbery guilty of their crimes. I am hopeful that this verdict gives Mr. Arbery’s family, and people across America, some level of comfort in knowing that these men are being held accountable for taking the life of an innocent young man.” -Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

“During a time in our country’s history where equity and injustice remain the central issue for the African American community, we are relieved and thankful for today’s decision by the Brunswick jury.

“This jury showed that Justice can still prevail in our great Democracy and that facts matter.” -Reginald T. Jackson Georgia AME Bishop

“These guilty verdicts only confirm what we already know – that Ahmaud Arbery, an innocent Black man, was killed in cold blood for nothing more than jogging while Black. While these verdicts are one step towards accountability, they will not bring back Ahmaud or the countless other lives we’ve lost at the hands of white supremacy. We must double down on our efforts to fight hatred, and we will not stop until no American’s life is cut short due to bigotry or reckless vigilantism. I am praying for the Arbery family as they continue grieving their insurmountable loss, for Brunswick as the community works to heal, and for the country as we carry on in the march towards justice. -Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia

“The loss of Ahmaud Arbery was a tragedy that should have never occurred. Today’s verdict brings us one step closer to justice, healing and reconciliation for Ahmaud’s family, the community, the state and the nation.” -Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr

Several Georgians took to Twitter to express their feelings on the verdict. Below is a sample of what some of your neighbors are saying on social media.

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