Valdosta’s Citizens Against Violence Ministry gets patrol cars

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VALDOSTA — On Thursday, November 11, 2021, the Citizens Against Violence Ministry held a ceremony to unveil their refurbished Soul Patrol cars sold to the organization by the Valdosta Police Department. In August of 2021, The Valdosta Police Department received approval from councilmembers to declare two vehicles surplus to be sold to The Citizens Against Violence Ministry, Inc. for $1 each. The two vehicles available are no longer of value or service and have already been replaced due to age, mileage, or serviceability.

Citizens Against Violence had the vehicles repainted and “Soul Patrol” graphics placed on each side. The organization will be using them to patrol neighborhoods in hopes of making the community safer and decreasing crime. Valdosta Police Chief Leslie Manahan is excited for the vehicle contribution that will help the organization in its mission and inherently help the city as well. “We have citizens that want to take their community back. They do this on their own time and without getting paid. They do it because they love their community just like we do,” said Chief Manahan. “We were proud to be a part of the ceremony and want to continue our partnership with Citizens Against Violence to make our community better.”

“It touches my heart to see folks in our community stand up and address issues of crime in our community. We are so appreciative of Citizens Against Violence. The ability for the Police Department to let go of two of our old patrol units and see them be repurposed the way they have done it is just so great,” said Tim Carroll, Mayor Pro-Tem.

Bishop Ulysee Williams dedicated the vehicles during the ceremony. The organization plans to now have them on the road and out in neighborhoods.

If you would like to get involved, you can find out more about the organization on its website or by calling (229) 292-8979.