Cobb County escape room lets you stage a prison break

The newest escape room at Cobb County Parks, “Prison Break,” opens Sept. 10 and runs through Oct. 30 at the Oregon Park Annex in Marietta.

You can try this interactive challenge with friends, family or colleagues. Teamwork and puzzle-solving a must.

In the escape room, you’ve been wrongfully sentenced to life without parole. You’ve settled in, made a few friends, but every one has their breaking point. While the prison is in chaos because of a riot in the yard, you have a tiny window of opportunity to explore the building and carry out a great escape. It’s time to get busy living, or get busy dying.

This game has a hard difficulty level for up to six players. 

Special effects include strobe/flashing lights and possible use of fog machines. These may be disruptive to players who are sensitive to such effects. Please be advised to be careful when reserving this game.

The cost is $90 and each room is completely private. Call 678-978-2557 to register over the phone. More information and online registration is available at 

The annex is at 135 Old Hamilton Road in Marietta between Green Meadows and Oregon Parks.

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