Cobb County requires masks in government buildings

Woman wearing face mask
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After meeting with Public Health officials, and learning of the increase in Covid-19 cases within the county workforce, Cobb County Manager, Dr. Jackie McMorris, announced that masks will be required for anyone entering county facilities effective this Friday.

“As the result of what is going on across the nation, the region, and of course here in Cobb, we’ve had to make some tough decisions on what we are going to do here in Cobb County Government,” Dr. McMorris said.

The requirement extends to Cobb County employees as well as visitors, contractors, and vendors.  Those inside county facilities will be asked to wear a mask where they cannot socially distance and are in close spaces near others.

The move comes as the COVID case rate in Cobb spikes to more than six times what is considered “high community spread.”  Public Health officials say the delta variant is responsible for this latest spike. 

“We’re in the second month of this and it just does not seem to be going away,” said Dr. Janet Memark, Director of Cobb and Douglas Public Health.  “Right now we’re seeing younger people being hospitalized, and we continue to see hospitals that are dangerously low on critical care beds and medical-surgical beds.”

The action does not affect outdoor Cobb facilities, including parks and the amphitheater.  Social distancing will be re-implemented at the county’s public meetings.

In a video message to employees, Dr. McMorris said she understood many are tired and frustrated with the ongoing pandemic.  

“Do what’s right,” she said, urging employees to keep our work environment a safe and healthy place.  “We sometimes spend more time with each other than with our biological family. We need to take care of each other.”  

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