Georgia state school board cancels Critical Race Theory

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The state Board of Education voted Thursday to essentially endorse Gov. Brian Kemp’s opposition to teaching “critical race theory” in Georgia schools, despite criticism it would muzzle open discussion of America’s history of racism.

A resolution board members passed 11-2 declares the board’s belief that the United States “is not a racist country, and that the state of Georgia is not a racist state.”

The five-page resolution goes on to oppose any use of public education resources to “indoctrinate” students in any political ideology or theory or accepting either federal or private funding that require teaching that anyone is inherently racist or inherently a victim of racism.

Kemp urged the board in a letter two weeks ago to oppose the teaching of “critical race theory” in Georgia schools. The letter followed a proposal by the Biden administration to prioritize critical race theory – which emphasizes the existence of systemic racism in the United States – in the awarding of federal grants.

Critical race theory is a divisive ideology that should not become a standard taught in Georgia classrooms, board Chairman Scott Sweeney said before Thursday’s vote.

“Is there racism within this country? Absolutely,” Sweeney said.
“Is the entire country racist? I don’t agree with that.”

Board member Mike Royal said the resolution is intended to ensure the teaching of American history in Georgia isn’t one-sided.

“History needs to be taught not from one particular viewpoint but from both sides,” Royal said.

But board member Kenneth Mason, who is Black, said the resolution sends the wrong message by stifling discussion of racism in Georgia classrooms.

“It says, ‘If you have experienced racism in your life, you should be silent,’ ” said Mason, who voted against the resolution. “That’s extremely disappointing to me.”

Tracey Nance Pendley, Georgia’s Teacher of the Year, who serves on the board in an ex-officio capacity, said the wording of the resolution appears to censor teachers.

“We can’t ignore the extensive research into the systemic [racial] barriers that exist in our country,” she said. “I worry not being allowed to discuss current events could be damaging.”

But Sweeney said there’s nothing in the resolution limiting  what teachers can teach.

“This resolution doesn’t put the brakes on anything that is already occurring in the classroom,” he said. “This is a belief statement more than anything else.”

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr recently joined Kemp in his opposition to the teaching of critical race theory. Carr joined 19 other Republican attorneys general last month in opposing the U.S. Department of Education plan.


  1. CRT is a rascict lie and no child should be subject to that kind of psychological abuse from the education system. Governor Kemp unfortunately a letter is not good enough for the parents of our children. We insist you sign a law in to order banning CRT and the rascict 1619 history thats been debunked by historians. Many other Republican governor’s have already banned it in their states and we the citizens of Ga are asking Governor Kemp to do the same including the colleges that get taxpayers money. Its no wonder these parents are not able to recognize the change in their college age students when they come home from college. They are literally being taught to hate America and intolerance for anyone that disagrees with them. We need the history books back in the hands of the students and not a printout of whatever their teacher desires to indoctrinate them with that day. Why isn’t everyone of our schools teaching patriotism and love for our country and how far we have come from our history? The education system has no business indoctrinating our children with all a theory made up by marxists and BLM that literally wants to destroy the family and turn the UNITED States into a communist country. Get back to teaching achedmics and leave social issues to the parents like they did when we were growing up in a classroom were we we’re taught respect for our teachers and our law enforcement..Every school should lead the day off with the pledge of allegiance and taught what a privilege it is to live in the United States of America we’re our men and women in the military fight and die for us to be a free country and protect our freedom’s under the constitution. They should be teaching cursive handwriting in every Ga school. The sex educational classes are getting out of control and the Ga schools should not be indoctrinated our children on transgender and how to to trans . That should not be taught in any classroom. Those are personal mental health issues that should be discussed with their parents at home and a doctor but definitely not in our children’s classrooms. We can do better in our schools and this woke generation is a product of the education system brainwashing our youth and it needs to stop immediately. This is destroying America and American values. United we stand divided we fall.

  2. Thank you for demanding our governor to ban teaching the CRT to any children in our public schools and colleges! I am also in support of debunking any teaching of transgender, same sex marriages, or any other sexual issue. This is the responsibility of the children’s parents. As a retired educator,one that taught children for thirty years, I agree that American values are being destroyed by absurd practices. We lost prayer in schools because we remained passive and allowed a small group of people to run over the majority that disagreed with this happening. People, it’s time to take back America and start standing-up to these ludicrous ideologies.

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