7 Ways to avoid a grilling disaster

It’s that time of year again when Georgia residents fire up the old grill and get ready for some serious outdoor cooking. Grilling is as much a part of southern culture as College Football, but injuries don’t have to be a part of the outdoor cooking experience.

Officials in Effingham County would like to remind you of the following safety tips before you have your next cookout.

  1. Propane grills: Always check the gas tank hose for leaks before the first time you use it each year. Have the lid of the gas grill open when you light it. If the lid is closed, gas can build up inside your grill and turn into a fire ball when you light it and open the lid.
  2. Charcoal grills: The only starter fluid you should use with your grill is charcoal starter fluid. Never add any flammable liquids to the fire. After grilling, let coals cool completely before disposing in a metal container.
  3. Maintain at least a 10-foot clearance between the grill and your home, deck railings and overhanging branches. Grills should not be placed under eaves and overhangs as fire – fueled by grease – can flare up into these structures and spread.
  4. Have a spray bottle with water handy to douse flare ups, and an extinguisher nearby.
  5. Minimize flare ups by removing grease buildup from the grill and in the trays below the grill.
  6. Keep children and pets at least three feet or more away from the grill area.
  7. Make sure someone is attending to the grill at all times because a fire can double in size in as little as two minutes.

While these tips will prevent a fire and harm to you and your family, they won’t stop you from the sort of grilling disaster that occurs when you overcook or undercook the meat. That requires a whole different set of skills.

Happy grilling!

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