11 Things you missed during Spring Break

If you’re like many Georgians who were on Spring Break last week, you probably didn’t keep up with the news or passively glanced at headlines during dull moments. If news wasn’t your thing during your spring vacation, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the news items you missed while you were on break.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Cicadas: If you’ve been keeping up, you know that billions of Cicadas are making their return this spring after 17-years. The long-awaited Brood X is expected to come to about 10 counties in the northeastern part of the state.

Do you know who pointed a laser at plane near Vidalia?: Someone pointed a laser at an air force plane near Vidalia, Ga. in early March and the FBI and Air Force would like to speak to that person. They are offering you $2,500 if you have information on this person they would like to meet.

Johnson & Johnson vaccines cause trouble in Cumming: A vaccination site in Cumming ceased giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine last week after several recipients reported allergic reactions to the vaccines. Georgia health officials say there is nothing to worry about, but vaccinations at the site were halted for further investigation.

The cost of the All-Star Game Loss: Experts have weighed in on MLB’s decision to pull the All-Star game from Georgia in response to the state’s new election law. The loss of the game will mean a loss of up to $150 million for the Peach State and its businesses.

Home Sweet Parking Lot: One of the last things you expect when you’re sitting at home is for a car to crash through your living room. Fortunately for homeowners at a home in Effingham County, no one was at home sitting in the living room when the car drove through.

College Value: Which College in Georgia provides the most value to students? It turns out Georgia Tech gives Georgia students the most bang for their buck.

Deputy killed: A Bibb County deputy was killed during a struggle with an inmate at a Georgia jail. Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials say the inmate was able to get the deputy’s knife and allegedly used it against him.

Voting Battle: When MLB announced that the All-Star game would be played in Colorado, Georgia officials began comparing voting systems in the two states and deemed Colorado to be more restrictive. Are their claims true? According to this article that compares the two states, probably not.

Here Comes The Judge: Valdosta has a new city judge.

Water Safe-Haven: Gwinnett County announced — also in response to Georgia’s new voting law — that it will not prosecute nonpartisan groups or individuals who give water to voters waiting in line.

Meet The Billionaires: A recent study shows that only one Georgia city is home to any billionaires at all and that city happens to be home to 12 of them. We’ll give you three guesses which city that is.

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