More than 14,000 people have died from coronavirus in Georgia

The Gist: Georgia has now had more than 14,000 people die from coronavirus. According to numbers released by the Georgia Department of Health Tuesday, Georgia has now had 14,176 confirmed deaths from coronavirus.

An additional 1,998 deaths are listed as having coronavirus as the probably cause of death. The death toll rose by 180 on Tuesday.

While the state’s death rate for the virus has declined slightly since mid January, the number of deaths and hospitalizations statewide is still elevated.

The picture looks much better for new cases, however. The state has dropped to an average of just over 2,300 new cases per day, a drastic change since the January 10 high of 7,395 new cases per day.

The current average is close to where the state average for new cases was at the beginning of July and then again at the end of August.

The Numbers: Below are the coronavirus statistics for Feb. 16 as provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Confirmed Cases Today:1,872
Positive Rapid Result Cases Today:1,181
Confirmed Deaths Today:180
Hospitalizations Today:255
Total Confirmed Cases:794,349
Total Positive Rapid Results:175,353
Total Confirmed Deaths:14,176
Total Probable Coronavirus Deaths:1,998
Total Hospitalizations:53,658
Total ICU Admissions:8,801
Average Number of New Cases Per Day2,357
Hospital Bed Capacity80.9%
ICU Bed Capacity83.6%
Emergency Room Capacity53.4%
Adult Ventilator Capacity36.1%

The Chart: Below is the visualization of the state’s COVID-19 case numbers.

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