How to have a Super Bowl party during the coronavirus pandemic

American football players in game, quarterback running. Night stadium lights

Regardless of whether the Chiefs or the Bucs win Super Bowl LV, the biggest sporting event of the year promises to provide a few hours of normalcy in the midst of a global pandemic.

If you are planning to attend a Super Bowl party, the CDC has released a list of guidelines for how to have a Super Bowl party during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guidelines are as follows:

• Wear a mask at all times
• Follow signage for social distancing
• Avoid crowded or congested areas
• Avoid chanting or cheering
• Use touchless payment methods

In Georgia, the number of new cases per day has just now dipped slightly below where it was during the summer surge of COVID-19. While that is positive news, high numbers of large gatherings such as Super Bowl parties could send the number of new cases surging again.

Also, keep in mind that hospitals are stretched during the pandemic and emergency rooms statewide are at about 57% capacity, so be careful on the roads and don’t party so hard you get injured.