Elderly shoppers targeted by purse snatchers at Rincon Kroger

A band of purse snatchers is working grocery stores in the Rincon area and targeting elderly shoppers, according to the Rincon Police Department.

The police department is urging shoppers to be mindful in public and to not leave purses and other personal items unattended while shopping.

Police say the same crew has entered the Rincon Kroger twice, and has also hit the Kroger on Wilmington Island. This crew targets elderly women with purses in their shopping carts. They follow the victims until they are alone on an aisle and one will approach and distract the victim, while another will take the wallet and or keys from the purse.

There is usually at least one more acting suspect as a lookout. They take the stolen credit cards and immediately go to Walmart to use the cards before they are canceled.

Photos from the police department of the suspects caught on store surveillance camera and are posted below.

There are as many as two males and one female. If you know the identity or whereabouts of these suspects please call the Rincon Police Department at 912-826-5200.

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