The Sunrise Report: Cyber Monday is here and snow is expected


Today is Cyber Monday. If you’re not familiar, this is another link in the holiday shopping chain. The Monday after Thanksgiving is when online retailers offer deep discounts. Based on today’s weather forecasts, it is a great day for online shopping.

What you missed:

If you’re just getting back from a long weekend and haven’t been paying much attention to local news, here are some of the things you may have missed.


Today’s top news story in Georgia is expected to be the weather. Also, the recount requested by Donald Trump continues today.

Coronavirus Update:

Georgia has a total of 420,601 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 48,915 additional cases from rapid testing.; The state has had 8,778 confirmed deaths from the virus and 664 deaths that were likely from the virus. 34,782 people have been hospitalized statewide.


Snow is in the forecast for north Georgia. Expect rain and cold weather if you live south of Canton.

Other News:

  • President Donald Trump told Fox News he is ashamed he endorsed Brian Kemp for governor.
  • President-Election Joe Biden broke his right foot while playing with his dog Saturday.
  • A runoff Tuesday will determine who will fill Congressman John Lewis’ seat for the one-month remainder of his term.

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