This is Georgia’s favorite Halloween Candy

The fine folks at have compiled their annual list of favorite Halloween Candy by state, and Georgia’s top pick is controversial.

In 2020, Georgians are buying up as many Swedish Fish as they can find. That’s right, the Swedish Fish is the most popular Halloween candy in Georgia this year.

The second and third ranked candies in Georgia are a little more traditional — Sweet Tarts came in at number two and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups at number three.

The map of top candies is below.


Candy lovers who are unhappy with Georgia’s top pick can take solace in the fact that Alabama’s favorite Halloween candy is Candy Corn.

So what is the worst candy to get for Halloween? found that licorice — as in black licorice, not Twizzlers — is the candy that draws the most ire on Halloween.