Coronavirus rises again in Georgia

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Coronavirus cases are on the rise once again in Georgia. The state department of public health reports a 7-day average of new cases of 1,339. That average was 1,186 Sept. 28, when the number started plateauing and then increasing again.

As a point of reference, the moving average was just 514 when the state began its Shelter-in-Place order in April.

Georgia reported 1,174 new cases Tuesday, up from 764 Monday and up from 612 Sept. 28.

Statewide there have been a total of 342,438 confirmed cases and 7,674 deaths. There have also been 30,541 hospitalizations and 5,701 ICU admissions.

In terms of hospital capacity, Georgia’s hospitals are at 79% capacity for inpatient beds, 81.8% capacity for ICU beds and 45.4% capacity for Emergency Department beds. There are currently 861 adult ventilators in use statewide, which is about 28% of the state’s total capacity. However, hospitalizations lag behind increases in positive cases.

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