5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus in Georgia

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Coronavirus cases are going down in Georgia, but there are still some areas of concern throughout the state, according to information released today by the Georgia Department of Public Health. Below are some of the key updates on coronavirus in Georgia.

Overall, cases are going down: This is particularly true in the high population counties of metro Atlanta. There are large swaths of South Georgia that are seeing an uptick in cases.

Overall, the seven-day average of new cases reported has decreased 11.7% in the last week, which is down 48% from Georgia’s peak on July 24.

The map below from the state department of public health shows which counties are seeing increases and decreases in COVID-19 cases. If your county is blue, the number of cases has gone down. If your county is red, cases are increasing. Counties shaded yellow have had less than a 5% change.

5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus in Georgia

Hospitalizations are also down: The number of daily hospitalizations has decreased by 13.4% since Sept. 1. This is down 48.2% from the state’s high of 3,200 hospitalizations on July 30.

On Sept. 1 there were 1,916 hospitalizations reported. On Sept. 7 there were 1,659.

But, there are still outbreaks where people gather: The Georgia Department of Public Health has reported 82 outbreaks in Georgia between August 30 and Sept. 5. The outbreaks are occurring in places where people are gathering. State officials say this underscores the need for physical distancing.

The highest number of outbreaks in the last week have been at schools: In the past week, there have been 23 outbreaks at schools throughout the state. This accounts for the highest number of outbreaks between August 30 and Sept. 5. Since the pandemic began there have been 183 outbreaks at schools.

There are still a high number of outbreaks at nursing homes: Nursing homes, which were hot spots at the start of the pandemic aren’t out of the woods yet. In the last week they accounted for the second highest number of outbreaks, with 17 outbreaks. There have been a total of 686 outbreaks at nursing homes.

Below is the health department’s list of outbreaks.

5 Things You Need to Know About Coronavirus in Georgia

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