More than 500 students in Cherokee County have been quarantined

Cherokee County Schools announced Monday that six students and three staff members had tested positive for coronavirus. As a result, the school system quarantined 49 students Monday.

That brings the total number of quarantined students throughout the district to 534. The total number of students who have tested positive now stands at 25. The total number of staff members who have tested positive is 17.

Students who tested positive Monday include four students from Cherokee high School, a Kindergartener from Liberty Elementary School and a 12th grader at Creekview High School. Two teachers tested positive at Creekview and one teacher tested positive at Boston Elementary School.

The quarantines come as Cherokee county is experiencing a spike on COVID-19 cases. The county is averaging 87 new cases per day, up from an average of 52.7 new cases per day on August 4, when school started.

Cherokee County has a total of 3,535 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There have been 334 hospitalizations and 64 people have died from coronavirus.

The county currently averages one coronavirus death per day.

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