If you get free antenna TV and live in Atlanta, you need to rescan your channels

The Gist: If you receive free antenna or over-the-air TV, you will need to go into your TV’s settings and rescan your channels. You will be able to do this starting today.

Why?: The Federal Communications Commission is requiring nearly 1,000 TV stations to change frequencies in order to provide more channels for wireless broadband services, and when these stations change frequencies, consumers must perform a TV rescan.

How to do it: Select Scan or Autotune from the TV or converter box control menu to start the scanning process. The TV will do the rest in only a few minutes. More information is available at TVAnswers.org.

There may be more than one TV rescan required in each city, and by signing up to receive free email and text alerts at www.tvanswers.org/signup, consumers can be notified the precise day a TV rescan is required.

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