Georgia has selected a state park in Morgan County to isolate coronavirus patients

MORGAN COUNTY — Gov. Brian Kemp and state health officials announced Monday that they have identified a state park in Morgan County that can house patients exposed to coronavirus for isolation and monitoring.

Hard Labor Creek State Park has been identified for this purpose, although no patients are currently scheduled to be transferred to the location yet.

Currently, the Governor’s Office and state officials are working together to prepare the site for the placement of patients. Officials have already delivered and installed seven emergency trailers at the park, and related materials are en route for future use. Once established, the Department of Public Safety will provide security for this location.

Officials are using an isolated section of Hard Labor Creek State Park where emergency trailers and operations will be separated from the rest of the property.

To prevent the disruption of ongoing operations, access to this specific part of Hard Labor Creek State Park is strictly limited to official use.

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