GBI: Human remains found in a Candler County scrap yard were stored in a shed at a funeral home

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Candler County Courthouse

Police detectives and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have traced human remains that were found in a scrap yard in Candler County to a local funeral home that was doing renovations.

According to the GBI, one of the owners of the funeral home admits to putting the bodies in a shed between the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Preliminary information indicates the bodies were being stored until they had been claimed and/or arrangements had been made by family members.

On Friday, December 28, 2018, the GBI was requested by the Candler County Sheriff’s Office to investigate human remains that were discovered at Scrap Partners Recycling in Metter, GA on the same date.

According to the GBI, a funeral home in Metter hired workers to tear down a shed behind the funeral home. In tearing down the shed, they found two metal containers and one casket. They took the metal containers and casket to Scrap Partners Recycling to sell. As they were being offloaded, one of the containers opened revealing a skull and rib bones. GBI Crime Scene Specialists examined the contents of the containers and discovered three sets of remains.

The GBI Crime Lab will conduct an examination of the remains to attempt to determine their identities, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 2.