Convicted child molester sentenced after he was caught video chatting 13-year-old from prison

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A Central State Prison inmate will serve three additional years after prison officials say they caught him using an unauthorized cell phone to video chat with a 13-year old girl.

47-year-old Robert Lewis Gunn was already serving a 20-year prison sentence that began in 2008 for child molestation and sexual battery convictions.

According to Bibb County prosecutors, an adult observed a 13-year-old girl video chatting Gunn on a cell phone and later found screen shots of video chats on the phone that included sexual images of the inmate. The adult contacted authorities, who searched Gunn’s prison cell and found an illegal cell phone attached to the bottom of his bunk, prosecutors said.

Gunn pleaded guilty to possession of a telecommunications device by an inmate Tuesday, just before jury selection was set to begin in his case.

Prosecutors say Gunn will serve the additional three years after his current prison sentence is complete and will not be eligible for parole.