Heavy rains force Buford Dam water release

Georgians hoping to Shoot the ‘Hooch early this summer will have to wait about two weeks due to a controlled water release from Lake Lanier into the Chattahoochee River.

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, heavy rainfall has caused Lake Lanier to rise to 1,073 feet, which is two feet higher than the normal level. The corps of engineers began draining the excess water Wednesday and will continue at a rate of 9,000 cubic feet per second on weekdays and 7,000 cubic feet per second on weekends over the next two weeks.

Officials warn that the increased water flow will make recreation activities in the river impossible.

“Wading and other uses of the river will be impossible at these flows.  Only experienced boaters should attempt navigation during this time. We advise everyone to be aware of these additional flows and take all necessary safety precautions.”

E. Patrick Robbins Army Corps of Engineers district spokesperson

The lake itself is safe for boaters and wading, but due to the high amounts of water being released from the lake, these activities are not advised downstream.

As part of the High Water Action Plan the following Parks and Facilities will be closed:

Boat Ramps:

Van Pugh South
Old Federal Campground
Little River
Thompson Bridge
Bolding Mill
Toto Creek
Little Hall
Keith Bridge
Two Mile

The following beaches will be closed for swimming and all campground swim areas are closed as well.

Van Pugh North
Old Federal Day Use
Duckett Mill
Little Hall
Bolding Mill
Keiths Bridge
Burton Mill
West Bank
Buford Dam Park


Sardis Creek
Little Ridge
Long Hollow

Some picnic sites and one walkway at West Bank Park are closed and some campsites at Sawnee Campground are closed as well.

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