The Public Record: Betty Price insults liberal women

February 12, 2018
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The Public Record: Betty Price insults liberal women

The Players: State Rep. Betty Price, while speaking at the Fulton County GOP breakfast, read a list she found on the Internet about the differences between republican women and liberal women. Unfortunately for Price, a member of the audience was recording the speech on a cell phone and that recording landed in the hands of The Laurens County Democratic Party, who promptly posted it on Facebook. Price, as you probably already know, is the wife of former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who resigned in September after it was discovered that he chartered private jets on the taxpayers’ dime.

The Quote: The list Price read contained many zingers and began with a comparison of famous republican women to famous liberal women. The most loaded line captured in the video was the following:

“Liberal achievements include the invention of group therapy, the domestication of cats, group hugs and the evolution of their women to have higher testosterone levels than many of their men.”

Price’s Response: Price was quoted in the AJC defending her remarks:

“I issued a disclaimer. It’s been around the Internet a thousand times… If that’s all they got, good luck.”

To Her Credit: Price didn’t credit herself with the sentiment. She acknowledged that she was reading something she found on the Internet and gave a disclaimer. Also, local politicians have a tendency to be more casual and off-the-cuff with “friendly” groups of supporters. While no public speech is off-the-record, local politicians tend to feel safer being more casual in these environments than they probably should. Lastly, there are several places where the video cuts out. That may not change anything in this case, but one should always be hesitant about videos that are heavily cut or edited.

Who Stands to Benefit?: While this video was made public by a group of Georgia democrats, it is unlikely the democrats will benefit from any criticism Price gets from it. The primary beneficiary is Price’s republican primary challenger, Jere Wood. Wood was the mayor of Roswell, Price’s home district, for 20 years. Wood already has a strong following, and Price’s penchant for gaffes plays to his favor. Both candidates are popular and influential in the district, and the two often clashed when Price served on the Roswell City Council. Their primary race will be both close and exciting.

Bad Times For The Price Family: It has been a rough six months for both Tom and Betty Price. In September, Tom Price resigned from Donald Trump’s cabinet after a scandal, the next month Betty Price asked if there were a way to quarantine HIV patients, in December, Jere Wood announced he would be running against his fellow-republican and now Betty Price has been caught in a Romney-esque off-the-cuff moment. If luck is the deciding factor in the District 48 race, Price’s luck will need to change quickly.

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